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FAQ About Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy and Myths

FAQ About Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Will I be Able to be Hypnotized?

Anyone who is able to relax and who wants to be hypnotized can be.  Most of my clients have gone into hypnosis easily during the first session.  Learning self hypnosis without the benefit of a qualified hypnotherapist generally takes longer; a few days to a few weeks.  Self- hypnosis is a skill and takes practice just like any other skill.

Can I be Hypnotized Against my Will?

No, no one can hypnotize you unless you want to be hypnotized.

How Well Does Hypnotherapy Work?

  • A comparison study from American Health Magazine showed these results:
  • Psychoanalysis- 38% recovery after 600 sessions
  • Behavior Therapy- 72% recovery after 22 sessions
  • Hypnotherapy- 93% recovery after 6 sessions
Read the full article here

Will Hypnotherapy “Work” For Me and
Do I Need to Believe In It For It to Work?

Hypnotherapy has a high success rate and the changes tend to be permanent.  Although hypnotherapy doesn’t offer a 100% cure rate, no therapy does; including standard medical care and psychotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is not a panacea and it is not appropriate for every issue.  Center of the Universe Hypnotherapy offers a free 20-minute consultation to determine if hypnotherapy is a good option for your particular issue.

Although it helps to believe in the power of your own subconscious mind to make positive changes in your life or in your health it is not absolutely necessary to believe in hypnotherapy for it to work. It’s best to be open to the possibility, however.  It is suggested that you suspend disbelief so you can allow your subconscious to do its best work.

How Long Will it Take for Me to Get Better?

Usually  2 to 4 sessions per issue, but occasionally 1 or 2 and sometimes 8 to 10 sessions (or more) for complex issues.  Generally speaking, smoking cessation takes 2 to 3 sessions, while weight loss may take 3 to 6 sessions.  There are package (discounted) rates when you sign up for four or more sessions.

Each session lasts approximately 2 to 2 ½ hours, and are normally scheduled once per week, but can be scheduled bi-weekly or once per month.

What About Self Hypnosis?

Self hypnosis is extremely useful for reinforcement in achieving goals and for relaxation and stress reduction.  Center of the Universe Hypnotherapy instructs clients in self hypnosis and has self-hypnosis CDs for sale.  As a private client you will be given a self-hypnosis CD at the end of the first session. 

Myths and Misconceptions About Hypnosis

There are many myths and misconceptions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy due to movies, t.v., and stage shows.  Although these representations of hypnosis can make for a good story line; it is important to separate fact from fiction.

Will I lose control to the hypnotherapist? 

No, the conscious mind remains awake and aware during hypnotherapy. You still have total control over everything you say or do. 

Will I be unconscious? 

Again, no.  In fact you will hear everything that the therapist is saying to you and you will be able to talk to your hypnotherapist and ask for anything you need.  During private sessions there is often ongoing dialogue between you and the hypnotherapist.

Will I be compelled to divulge secrets? 

No, you can edit any information that comes up during hypnosis. You can even lie during hypnosis.

Will I become “stuck” in hypnosis? 

You will be able to come out of hypnosis at any time. Even if you were left alone in a very deep state of hypnosis; you would naturally “wake up” after a few minutes and you would arouse yourself quickly and naturally if there was an emergency.

Is hypnosis dangerous? 

Hypnosis is completely safe. There are no documented cases of anyone being harmed by hypnosis. You do want to observe normal precautions and not try self hypnosis when driving or operating machinery. Practice hypnosis when and where it is safe to relax and take a little rest.


Disclaimer: Before seeking hypnotherapy for medical conditions it is imperative that you see your medical practitioner first for a proper diagnosis.  The hypnotherapy services provided by Center of the Universe Hypnotherapy do not constitute the practice of medicine. Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment, but is complementary to conventional medicine.  If you have mental disabilities or a mental illness, please seek psychiatric care.

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